Shelter rent and care

Shelter rent and care for Hope VMS Dogs is 720 Euros a month. Due by the 10th of each month, rent is 310 Euros. That same day we need to pay our dedicated young shelter worker, Aldijana, 410 Euros. Married, Aldijana has dedicated herself to our dogs for three years. Each day she cleans their runs (boxes), feeds them and lets them run out in the exercise area to play. She gives individual socialization, providing love, and a calming, consistant presence in their lives, which often in the past has been tramatic and difficult. With 150 plus dogs, it’s a tiring job, but Aldijana loves them all dearly. Her knowledge of the character of each individual dog provides the basis for matching each with an eventual forever home. You can donate towards rent and care on a one-off basis or by making a regular monthly pledge

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